Beyond Blogs: Get the Most From Content Writing Services in Brisbane

Blog writing isn't the only thing content writing services in Brisbane are good at. Get the most out of your partner content marketing agency by asking them to help you craft the five engaging content formats below!

In this article:

  1. Whitepapers
  2. Product Pages
  3. Social Media Content
  4. Website Content
  5. Infographic Content

5 Content Formats Content Writing Services in Brisbane Can Do That AREN'T Blogs

1. Whitepapers

What is a whitepaper? Whitepapers are in-depth, long-form content that educates customers on a niche subject. It's a great way to flex your industry expertise and gain your audience's trust.

Whitepapers are authority-builders. When well-researched and thoughtfully written, a whitepaper can convince readers of your leadership status in your industry.

Since whitepapers are often downloaded for free in exchange for a reader's contact information, they're effective lead magnets for acquiring qualified prospects. 

A whitepaper can be crafted with keyword-rich writing, which is perfect for improving your SEO content writing strategy.

Skilled writers in professional content writing services in Australia can craft well-researched and deadly-persuasive whitepapers. Make sure you ask your partner agency about their whitepaper writing services!


2. Product Pages

It's challenging to write high-converting product pages for any eCommerce website. 

That's because any good product page copy should accomplish these things at the same time:

  • Highlight your product's key features
  • Differentiate what you're offering from your competitors
  • Strike a connection with your customers

Professionally-written product descriptions do these so well that the words make the add to cart button irresistible to customers.

Ask your partner SEO content writing agency whether they offer product page writing services. If they do, tap them to help you write product page descriptions that rank, attract, and convert. 


3. Social Media Content

Social media marketing is a cost-effective way for up-and-coming businesses to get into digital marketing.

The challenge is to craft content that perfectly echoes the brand's voice and match it to the feel of the social media platform.

You don't have to stress over this if you've already partnered with a content marketing agency. The agency's skilled writers are likely already capable of crafting content that'll boost your social media presence. 

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4. Website Content

What makes a company website truly top-notch? Two words—quality content.

If you've already hired an agency for their blog writing services, chances are you can tap them to help you cover content for other parts of your website.

They can craft landing page copy that speaks to your visitors and encourage them to navigate your site. You can even consult them about improving your company profile.

More importantly, they can develop a website content strategy that helps you achieve your business goals, whether it be increased qualified leads, website traffic, or even online sales. 


5. Infographic Content

Many professional content writing services in Brisbane are also skilled in creating infographics. Trust us—adding infographics to your content strategy has a lot of benefits.

For one, infographics are shared on social media three times more than other kinds of content. Infographics are also a great way to visualise and summarise long-form content such as reports, whitepapers, and even blog posts.

SEO content writing agencies already have skilled writers that can translate credibly-sourced information into bite-sized and catchy headlines. Don't forget to ask your partner agency for help in adding infographic content into your content marketing strategy!

Quality and variety are both essential elements of an effective content strategy. Don't limit your web content to weekly blog posts! Talk to your content writing services partner about the content formats listed above. This way, you'll be able to make the most out of the agency's services with content that engages with all your customer segments!

Need help diversifying your content strategy? Our content writers at Ape-X are skilled at crafting copy for different kinds of content! Shoot us a message, and let's talk optimising your content to meet your business goals today.

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