How to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing for Better Results

Are you looking to simplify your social media marketing strategy? Follow these six useful tips to help you streamline your efforts and maximise your gains on social media.

In this article:

  1. Focus on Where Your Customers Are
  2. Maximise Social Media Management Tools
  3. Have a Regular Posting Schedule
  4. Reuse Your Engaging Content
  5. Craft a Social Media Response Guide
  6. Keep Track of Your Page's Performance


6 Useful Tips to Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Efforts

1. Focus on Where Your Customers Are

If you think managing one social media account is hard, try juggling two or three more accounts at the same time!

It may seem fun, but handling different social media channels is no joke. It takes a lot of time, dedication, and effort. If you're not careful, your social media marketing strategy can go from simple to overwhelming in a snap.

So, what's the easiest way to not get overwhelmed? Instead of spreading your social media marketing too thin, try focusing your efforts on the one channel your customers are already on.

For example, if one of your social media accounts isn't reaching your conversion goals, you might want to consider closing that account and focusing on the platform that delivers.

The key here is to do some research. Know which social media channels your audience is on and be present on that platform.

Focusing your efforts on one or two channels helps you:

  • Cut down on your work time
  • Give the attention each platform needs
  • Engage better with your audience

2. Leverage Social Media Management Tools

Nowadays, there are tons of free tools you can use to manage your social media channels. Our advice is for you to start using one ASAP.

So, how do these tools help you simplify your social media marketing? With the tools, you can edit your accounts in one go as opposed to logging into different sites one after the other.

Using these tools also helps you free up a few hours of your time. You can use your newfound free time for other tasks such as content brainstorming and execution.

Here’s a list of popular social media management tools you can try out:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • HubSpot
  • Meet Edgar
  • SocialOomph
  • Sprout Social

While most of these platforms aren't free, you can contact them and ask for a free trial just so you can get a feel for the tool's features.

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3. Have a Regular Posting Schedule

We've all been through it before. Some days, you have an excellent idea for a post. But on other days, you just can't come up with fresh and engaging content. So, you end up only posting when you can.

Instead of posting your content on a whim, try creating a regular posting schedule and sticking to it. Having a regular posting schedule gives you enough time to come up with quality content. Scheduling your posts also keeps your account up-to-date which your audience will really appreciate.

You can start by posting on your social media accounts at least twice a week. This way, you can brainstorm for content ideas in advance and have enough time to upload it later on.

If you're ahead of your timeline, you can log into your account and schedule your posts in advance so they can go live on their own. Doing this gives you even more time to go through your social media marketing to-do list.

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4. Reuse Your Engaging Content

Another way you can simplify your social media marketing strategy is by reusing your most engaging content. If you've posted something before that garnered a lot of engagements, try recycling it or creating a new post inspired by it.

Taking inspiration from posts that worked eases the pressure on you to come up with new content every time. Plus, it increases the chances of you gaining engagements both on your post and page.

If you're scared your audience will notice that you're just rehashing old content, don't be. With the amount of content your followers are exposed to on social media almost every day, they likely won't notice.

Tip: Don't just reshare your old content every time. Try tweaking the old content to improve your social media posts a bit before uploading it again, so it's still appropriate to the times. You can try editing the caption you last used or updating the picture you uploaded to something more current.

5. Craft a Social Media Response Guide

Responding to your audience whenever they engage with you on your social media pages has tons of benefits.

For one, responding to comments and complaints alike is a great way to build your brand’s credibility on social. It’s also a way for you to show your fans that you care for them since you took time to recognize and respond to their questions.

Thing is, responding to your customers can become time consuming. You can easily get lost in the comments section and end up neglecting the other tasks on your to-do list.

An effective way to help you respond to your customers in the most sincere and efficient way is to follow a protocol such as a social media response guide.

A social media response guide is a list of questions or statements your customers would usually comment on your pages. Each statement has a corresponding response that you can use and tweak as a reply.

Having a set of ready answers doesn’t just help you simplify your social media management duties. Using the guide also ensures that each of your replies is personal and sincere.

Tip: Don’t simply copy and paste statements from your social media response guide. Remember, your replies have to sound human and genuine, so make sure to personalize each response to fit the customer’s question. 

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6. Keep Track of Your Page's Performance

A lot of planning goes into crafting the perfect social media marketing strategy for our business. You design each aspect and expect every single one to go as planned.

There's nothing wrong with creating and sticking to a well-planned strategy. The problem is you're so focused on following the plan that might end up blindly sticking to the same procedure for months (or even years) which will make you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

For example, you saw that at the end of your campaign, you weren't able to reach the goals you set for your Facebook engagements.

Had you habitually tracked your page's performance throughout the campaign, you would have been able to spot its weak points and made the necessary changes.

Making changes to your social media marketing strategy in real-time based on your page's performance helps you seize opportunities and streamline your efforts.

Tip: Make sure to do a periodic review of your content's performance. Do a content performance report at least once every month. Look through the analytics portion of your social media page and see whether your content strategy is turning out results.


It's easy to get lost in the world of social media marketing. But with these six tips, you'll be able to simplify your social media marketing efforts and get the best results. Keep these tips in mind the next time you're planning your social media strategy!


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