Is a Blog for Business Really Worth It?

Blogging feels like it's been around forever. The real question—is blogging worth it even today? When done right, it can be your business's most effective way of talking to your audience. Don't believe us? Here are five points to convince you otherwise!

Here are the five reasons why a blog for business is is totally worth it especially in 2020:

  1. Readers Trust Blogs
  2. Blogs Let You Rank for Keywords
  3. Blogs Update Your Website Content
  4. Blogs Drive Website Traffic
  5. Blogs Attract Inbound Links

5 Reasons Why a Blog for Business is Worth It in 2020

1. Readers Trust Blogs

According to Evercoch, 81% of online customers trust the information they read from blogs.

Here's why—with a blog, you can estabish your brand's voice and use it to talk to your audience directly.

You can show how much you know about your audience through blogging, too!

Each entry can talk about a specific concern your audience is troubled by. You can even take it up a notch by providing helpful tips and solutions.

Being able to talk about and address your readers' concerns gives them the impression that you're actually listening to them.

Plus, blogs are a great way to show the more human side of your business. Showing your business's human side helps you gain your audience's trust.

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2. Blogs Let You Rank for Keywords

Writing blogs also help you rank better for SEO long-tail keywords.

DEFINITION: Long-tail keywords are search engine phrases that have more wore words in them. Long-tail keywords typically have at least three words in them.

So, why would you want to use long-tail keywords in your blogs?

For starters, Google recently changed its search engine optimisation (SEO) algorithm to favour long-tail keywords.

Ranking higher on Google helps your readers find your content more accessible.

It's also much easier to incorporate long-tail keywords in blog articles than any other type of web content.

Because informative blog entries require more length, you have more opportunities to include those long-tailed keywords into your content naturally.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of using blogs to rank for long-tailed keywords is how it aligns with the way readers search for information or Search Intent.

DEFINITION: Search intent is the reason behind a person's search query.

Nowadays, people don't just type a few words into the search engine and hit enter.

They actually write long phrases like, "how to write a better blog" or "what are the benefits of blogging" instead of "better blog" or "blogging benefits".

When you use long-tailed keywords for your blogs, you'll be able to increase your website traffic and ranking, and get your website to page 1 of Google organically so that your audience can easily find you online.

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3. Blogs Update Your Website Content

Most company websites don't change much as soon as they're up.

Save for the occasional update on your office address (if you moved or added a satellite office) and contact details, your website's core pages stay as they are.

The beauty of blogging for your business is when you publish regularly, your website gets updated with fresh content.

Updating your website with fresh content gives your readers something to look forward to. Plus, you can add internal links to your most recent blog entries to help keep your readers on your website.

If you’re eager to know how to improve your search engine ranking on Google, blogging is the answer. Google de-prioritises websites that are inactive for six months, so writing blog entries at least once a month can impact your ranking online.

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blog post writers holding their gadgets and reading posts

4. Blogs Drive Website Traffic

When done right, your blog can help drive sizeable traffic towards your webpage.

Just how much? According to HubSpot, companies that use a blog for business rake in 55% more traffic than those that don't!

The key is to write about what your audience is searching as thoroughly as you can.

Writing an informative blog entry can serve as your reader's stepping-stone into your website. So, make sure to use keywords your audience is searching for so they can find your blog entries right away.

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5. Blogs Attract Inbound Links

As you continue to establish topic authority with your blog, other sites will view your site as an opinion leader, too.

In doing so, you'll be able to attract these other pages to link back to your own.

This is a strategy known as inbound link-building. HubSpot's study on business blogging showed that having a blog for business an generate almost 97% more inbound links to your site!

Not only does a strong inbound links network bring more traffic to your site. It also helps build your site's credibility and increases your ranking in search engines.

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When building a robust inbound link network, the key is to prioritise quality over quantity. When your blog content resonates with your readers, your chances of attracting inbound links go up as well.

So, is a blog for business really worth it? It most definitely is! Blogging, unlike any other online platform, is the best way to show your business's human side to your readers. Your blog content helps build and keep your readers' trust, making the platform a formidable part of your content marketing strategy.

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