Popular Content Writing Types and When To Best Use Them

Having a hard time deciding which content writing types to publish next? Don't fret! Read this article to learn the four popular content writing formats and when best to use them.

In this article:

  • Copywriting
  • Social Media Writing
  • Blog Post Writing
  • Ghost Writing

Best Ways to Use These 4 Content Writing Types

1. Copywriting

Best for: prompting readers to take a specific action

Traditionally, copywriting is the kind of content writing you'll need for when you want to sell your readers a particular product or service. Think of it as salesmanship in the form of words or text.

Today, copywriting has evolved beyond the realm of sales. Especially in digital marketing, copywritten content is used to persuade readers to take specific actions—download a form, contact a customer service representative, or visit a website.

If you're looking for content that will prompt a response from your readers, hire a professional copywriter. They're skilled at crafting relatable key messages that'll help guide your readers through the marketing funnel.

Competent copywriters can also simplify complex ideas and turn them into engaging website copy, product descriptions, or marketing collaterals that readers won't be able to resist.

2. Social Media Writing

Best for: engaging your fanbase on different social media platforms

As its name implies, social media writing is content dedicated to the various social media platforms your brand is present in.

Social media management and its related content are all about engaging in meaningful conversations with your followers. And because each platform has its quirks, your social media content should adapt to the language and algorithm of each one.

If you thought social media content is all about crafting punchy captions and relatable hashtags, think again!

Content for social media should also be personal and genuine since more and more fans are directly interacting with your brand on these platforms.

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3. Blog Post Writing

Best for: filling your blog page with high-quality and search-friendly content

Blog post writing takes the form of short- or long-form articles made to educate your reader on topics related to your brand or industry. A collection of regularly updated blog posts is called a blog which you can use to build brand awareness for your business.

Blogging is effective because it provides new, relevant, and useful information to your readers.

When you write about topics your target audience often asks about, you become their go-to source of information which adds to your credibility as a brand and industry leader.

Setting up a blog for your business is also an ideal way for you to drive more traffic to your site. When you integrate a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy to your blog, you can rank higher on search engines and make your content more accessible. 

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4. Ghost Writing

Best for: filling the gaps in your brand's content writing strategy

Ghostwritten content is any kind of content crafted on behalf of someone else. Ghostwriting is especially useful for when you, as the business owner, don't have the time or resources to regularly update your online content.

Ghostwriters are often referred to as the chameleons of the content writing world. They're the jack of all trades, capable of writing white papers, blog articles, and infographics in your brand's unique voice.


Not all content writing types were made equal. The different kinds are made for specific purposes. By reading this article, you now know more about the four most common content writing formats and how best to use them. This way, you maximise your resources and make the most out of your overall content strategy.

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