Trend Alert! 3 Hot Trends for Content Marketing in Australia

Have you heard about the latest trends for content marketing in Australia? Don’t look any further! Read the article below to get the scoop on what’s making waves in the digital marketing scene right now.

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  1. Growing Demand for Video Content
  2. Content Tailored for Voice Search
  3. SEO Shifting Towards Topic Ranking

Content Marketing in Australia: 3 Trend and How To Use Them

1. Growing Demand for Video Content

Brands are adding more videos into their content strategy, and with good reason! Here’s a fact: more and more Australian consumers are interested in video content.


Content Marketing Trends Australia | Ape-X

How interested? According to We Are Social, 88% of Australian internet users watch online videos when they’re connected to the web.

So, what makes video content unique? Video content can keep audiences engaged better than other longform content formats can.

Video content is more interactive than many other content types. With videos, you give your audience the chance to comment, react, share content all in one go!

The bottom line is that Australians love video content, and they expect more of it from the brands they follow.

How To Use This Trend: Look into online video makers (e.g., Content Samurai, Moovly, Biteable) to help you get started. And remember, keep your video concise AND informative.


#2. Content Tailored for Voice Search

More and more Australians are embracing voice technology. They’re getting into the habit of mobile voice search, or asking their phones questions instead of keying them in on search engines like Google. In fact, iProspect’s research revealed that 57% of smartphone-using Australians use voice search.

Voice search isn’t limited to smartphones. In 2018, VERSA found that 1.35 million Australian households owned smart speakers.

These numbers aren’t just impressive. They’re expected to rise in the coming years as Australians continue to make voice search a part of their everyday life.

As the digital marketing landscape moves towards a mobile-first policy, brands today need to ensure that their content marketing strategies are mobile-friendly and voice-ready.

How To Use This Trend: Make your SEO strategy voice-ready by adding long-tail keywords in your website content. These long-tail keywords should be as close to the way your target audience will likely use it in a voice search.


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#3. SEO Shifting Towards Topic Ranking

Don’t get us wrong—combining relevant keywords with a solid SEO strategy does increase your page ranking, especially when it’s done right.

But Google constantly changing the way it ranks pages. Back then, Google relied solely on keywords to judge how well a person’s query matched the information on a webpage.


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In 2020, many SEO professionals believe that the search giant will take a more holistic approach when ranking pages.

What does this mean?

Instead of looking just at a specific article on a webpage, Google will now consider the context of the content around it.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re looking for the ultimate guide to running shoes. After a quick Google search, you find quality articles on the websites of a (1) sporting goods store and a (2) style magazine.

Both articles can rank well for the same keyword. But because Google will consider the context of each website, it will list the former’s (i.e., the article posted on the sporting goods store’s website) content much higher than the latter.

Does this mean the era of ranking via keywords is dead? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

It just means that businesses should start investing in creating longform pillar pages. Talk to your SEO content writing agency partner about how you can get started.

Pillar page content covers all aspects of a specific topic. The pillar page is also a stepping stone that leads visitors to other relevant content on your website.

Here’s what a sample pillar page for blog post writing should look like:

Content Marketing Trends Australia | Ape-X

The pillar page itself and the relevant content they link to should also be rich with keywords!

How To Use This Trend: Think about a niche topic you want your business to be known for. Use this topic as the anchor of your pillar page. From here, think about subtopics and keywords you can use to talk about your chosen subject in an in-depth manner.


The world of content marketing is fast-paced. If you’re not agile, you can get left behind. Revisit your content strategy and make room for the current trends for content marketing in Australia listed above. This way, you’ll be able to make up-to-date content-based decisions that drive real results for your business!


Want to update your current SEO strategy? We can help! Send us a message, and let’s work on making the most out of your content strategy today!


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