Working With Ghostwriters: Tips and What to Expect

Don’t know what to expect when working with ghostwriters? Don’t fret! Read this article and find out three crucial expectations you’ll encounter when working with ghostwriters. 

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In this article:

  1. Ghostwriting Is Authentic
  2. You’re Not Completely off the Hook
  3. Results Will Take Time

3 Things to Expect When Working With Ghostwriters

1. Ghostwriting Is Authentic

Companies have this notion that ghostwriting is inauthentic.

Indeed, a ghostwriter is essentially a stranger writing for your company. As such, you might automatically assume that the stranger won’t be believable. Nothing can be further from the truth!

When ghostwriters take a job, they don’t go in blind. Before ghostwriters start putting pen to paper, they make sure to do the following first:

  • Have a deep understanding of the brand and its goals
  • Embody the brand’s voice and tone in every piece of content
  • Ensure that their content’s messaging aligns with your brand and its goals

Ghostwriters are trained to write relatable content. For them to do so, provide them with the information they can use to write content with. The more they know, the more authentic their output will be.

Tip: Think of ghostwriters not as your outsourced employees; instead, treat them as your co-content writers. The most effective ghostwriters work off of their client’s ideas, so make sure you give them some! Walk them through your company, its products and services, as well as its marketing goals. This way, you can help them write content in your brand’s authentic voice.

2. You’re Not Completely off the Hook

When you hire a ghostwriter to manage your blog, don’t be quick to assume that you’re off the hook when it comes to the workload. At the end of the day, it’s still your company’s image, so it makes sense that you’re still involved in some capacity.

While the majority of the work will no longer be your responsibility, ghostwriters will still need you for specific tasks. Specifically, you’ll need to approve your ghostwriter’s drafts and final outputs before they get published.

These are mostly the only tasks you’ll be doing when you hire a ghostwriter to craft your web content. Yes, you still have to work on some things, but these tasks are definitely manageable.

If it still seems like a lot, remember that your to-do list before outsourcing is much longer. Delegating the laborious tasks—conceptualizing, writing, editing—to the experts simplifies your tasks altogether.

Tip: Work out a timeline with your ghostwriter regarding the deadlines of your regular deliverables. Make sure both you and your outsourced writer agree on the deadlines. This way, you can still be productive and schedule your other tasks around the set deadlines.

3. Results Will Take Time

The results you set for the content your ghostwriter produces won’t deliver immediate results.

For example, your sales team might rake in the numbers faster since they’re continually pushing your product to actual customers.

In contrast, you can’t fairly evaluate an informative article written by a ghostwriter based on how many conversions it’s able to generate (unless that’s the goal you set for the content). However, the article can drive website visits that your sales team can use to turn leads into customers.

Remember, planning and executing a content strategy is a long-term investment. You put in the work now and reap the results much later.

Tip: Make sure you and your ghostwriter are aligned on the goals you set for your web content. Agree on what results you want to achieve and how soon you want to get them. This way, your ghostwriter can integrate your goals into the content they craft.

Working with ghostwriters might feel like handing the keys to your car to a complete stranger. With this article, you’re more prepared on what you can expect when you work with outsourced writers. Make sure to keep a constant line of communication with your ghostwriter. This way, you can resolve any kinks in the process as soon as possible.

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