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Packed with learnings and insights from working across dozens of clients niches and campaigns, our series of digital marketing books tell you everything you need to know about creating an unstoppable marketing campaign.


7 Deadly eCommerce Sins

(a.k.a Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Stuff Online)

There are countless factors that can make or break an eCommerce business. This easy-to-follow guide covers everything from product page optimisation to website design, SEO, email marketing, conversion optimisation and user experience. Each chapter comes with Action Points you can apply to your own website to ensure you’re not setting any money on fire with your eComm store!

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The Essential Guide to Content Writing

In this 47-page PDF you'll learn:

  • Which skills you need to be a copywriter
  • Popular content writing types and when to use them
  • Long-form vs short-form content – which is best?
  • 3 Golden Rules every content writer should follow
  • How to write better web content (in infographic format!)
  • 5 Content writing mistakes that drive us crazy
  • Proofreading tips
  • 3 Reason why you shouldn't use adverbs
  • How to amplify your digital content writing

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The Financial Adviser’s Client-Getting Blueprint

Tired of cold calling and relying on referrals to grow your Financial Planning business? Don't let traditional customer acquisition strategies hold you back. In this free ebook, discover 8 proven and practical methods to attract and convert new customers, ensuring the continuous success of your practice. This extensively researched guide shares insights from successful financial advisers who are thriving in the ever-changing consumer landscape.

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