AMX Superstores - Case Study

+$200k Revenue In 3 Months With Just On-page SEO

AMX Superstores website case study

Undisputable Proof That Content Is King

AMX Superstores is one of Australia's largest motorcycle accessories retailers, with stores in five states across the country and an online range of over 100,000 products for two-wheel enthusiasts to choose from.

AMX contacted us to help improve their website content for their Brand and Category pages, which were very basic and not optimised for SEO. We stood up a dedicated team of writers, editors and SEOs and in just 12 weeks we rewrote 283 pages of their website – at 500-1000 words per page that's more content that The Return of The King, but SEO-optimised!

AMX Superstores - example content page


And the results?

#1 - Almost Doubled The Number of Organic Keywords AMX Ranks For

Organic keywords are the search terms that people use to find your business online. The more of them you have, the more opportunities for your customers to visit your website.

By beefing out AMX's website with an additional 141,586 words, we helped ensure that AMX's most important pages were showing up in as many searches as possible. Of course, these keywords weren't just picked at random – we used a combination of keyword research tools to select relevant, topical, high-search-volume keywords and then strategically inserted them into the content. Given the scale of the project, this was a mammoth task, but we had dedicated specialists from our SEO, writing, editing and publishing teams working on this project every day to ensure it's success.

AMX organic keywords increase


And the number of keywords just keeps growing! Note on the graph that as Google continues to crawl and index the pages on AMX's website the number of organic keywords continues to grow; AMX is ranking for over 44,000 organic keywords in July! Even after our work is completed, the results keep on going! That's the power of great, SEO-focused content.


#2 – 20,000 New Organic Website Visitors Per Month

Ranking for more keywords means more ways for people to find your business. Simple. And don't take our word for it – check out the correlating graph below: notice how the increase in organic traffic runs in direct parallel with the increase in organic keywords.

AMX's organic monthly traffic went from 33,880 in December to 53,798 users by the end of March – a 62.9% increase in just three months!

AMX organic traffic increase


You can see by the graph how effective SEO is over the long-term – even with zero additional SEO work since March AMX's organic traffic continues to increase, reaching almost 65,000 visitors per month in June.


#3 - +$200k Revenue Increase From New Organic Traffic

Now you're thinking, that's nice and all – but traffic doesn't pay the bills. Well, you're wrong – it totally does.

With AMX's permission we dug into their Google Analytics to measure the success of the campaign, and even we were blown away by the results! Check it out below:

AMX project results 

Thinking About Investing In SEO?

AMX got a 934% return on their investment with our SEO services – in just three months.

We're currently working on phase 2 of the project, to help AMX increase their revenue even further and smash their goal of becoming the number one motorcycle accessories retailer in Australia.

AMX understood the value of high-converting, keyword-focused SEO content and were able to quickly recoup their investment through EXPLOSIVE amount of traffic.

The Keys to Success in Any SEO Project:

  • Having a clearly defined plan of attack
  • Getting the right team involved
  • Trusting the process
  • ...that's it.


Want Results Like These?

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