Tunstall Healthcare - Case Study

140 leads in 100 days – the power of a fully optimised Google Ads campaign

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Tunstall Healthcare is a world-leading provider of Connected Care and Connected Health solutions. They support lone workers, the elderly, people living with a disability, and their carers, through a range of modern fall detectors, personal & home alarms, and their unparalleled 24/7 monitoring and support service. As innovators and market leaders in their space, Tunstall helps people live independently and worry free in over 60 countries worldwide.

In 2020, Tunstall reached out to Ape-X to support their marketing team across a range of online activities, including SEO, blog management, social media, and lead generation through a strategic Google Ads campaign.

Tunstall Healthcare case study image

What does a perfect Google Ads campaign look like?

Below, we're going to walk you through our scientific process of crafting a winning Google Ads campaign for Tunstall Healthcare. The great thing about this process is it works across any niche or industry – it's a tried-and-tested methodology and is extremely data-driven, which means we're always making informed decisions about our clients' campaigns (no guesswork!).

Every ads campaign, whether it's on Google, social media, or elsewhere, relies on two factors for success:

  • Active management from an experienced team
  • Commitment (enough time + budget for the campaign to perform)

If both of these things are in place, there is absolutely no reason why the campaign shouldn't be a success and deliver near-unlimited value for the business.

In this case, Tunstall wanted new leads to nurture for their personal alarms – leads could take the form of a person interested in the product themselves, their family members/caretakers, or people who worked in the industry.

The lifecycle of a winning Google Ads campaign

PPC campaign lifecycle

1. Setup & Research

This is where we create your custom, high-converting landing page, craft your offer, build your audience profile, perform keyword research and ensure all the monitoring and tracking tools are properly set up.

2. Testing

The campaign is launched! We start slow, sometimes with a lower budget to test different ad copies and keywords groups. This phase can take 4-8 weeks and it's absolutely critical for success. Here we identify: keywords that have the best/worst ROI, who your competitors are and how much they're spending (Industry Landscape Analysis), optimisation opportunities for the landing page & ad copies, new keyword opportunities.

3. Ramping up

The most exciting phase, as leads start steadily coming in now the campaign has been optimised. During this phase we are continually optimising the daily ad budgets and bids, target keywords, and more, to get as many leads as possible at the lowest price.

4. Performance

The campaign is fully optimised; we've located your best (most profitable) keywords and the exact amount we need to spend on them to get results. At this stage the leads are coming in an automatic flow and we focus on making sure your competitors don't start outbidding us, while keeping the cost-per-lead as low as possible.


How we got Tunstall 140 leads in 100 days

No great campaign springs up overnight. It takes time, experimentation, and analysis to reach the top of the mountain. Tunstall's Google Ads campaign has averaged 27 leads/month since the beginning of the campaign, but in May-July 2021 the campaign reached a new peak performance:

140 leads in 100 days

Note in the graphs below how the Cost Per Click (CPC) and Cost/Conversion decrease as the campaign goes on…

TH CPC and cost per conversion graphs

…while the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and number of conversions increase.

TH CTR and conversions graph

These are all signs of a highly optimised campaign.


It takes teamwork

TH office

Tunstall's marketing team were extremely responsive throughout the different stages of the campaign, providing valuable insights about the audience and product. Our ads specialists took this information and turned it into a fully weaponised, high-converting ads campaign that is bringing Tunstall fresh leads every day.

Alistair Wilkes, Tunstall APAC's Marketing Manager, had this to say about the work we've done:

"A great service that has delivered real results for our business."


We're very proud of this campaign and to be one of Tunstall Healthcare's partners, and we're looking forward to seeing what we achieve together next.


Want results like this for your business?

An optimised Google Ads campaign can be a powerful tool for any business. If you've never used it before, or you've struggled to get success with the platform, why not book a strategy call with one of our ads specialists and see how we help your business grow using our proven lead generation system.