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We believe in data-driven decision making.

While we are creatives at heart, we believe in data-driven decision makingThis process allows us to identify which content your users are identifying with, where we are reaching them, and then customising our strategy to suit – giving you the best return on your investment.


Other Services

Content Strategy

Before a single piece of content is written, it's imperative for your business to have a Content Strategy. This document is the 'why' and the 'how' of your Content Marketing activities.

Social Media Strategy | King Kongtent

Social Media Strategy

Developing and implementing a Social Media Strategy in conjunction with your Content Strategy is paramount to your marketing success.

Social Media Management | King Kongtent

Social Media Management

Like many other businesses, social media management may not be your priority – we make it ours. By handing the reins over to us you're assured regular publication of high-quality content.

Let's Discuss Your Content Writing Goals

Let's get started!

TO MAKE CONTENT WORK FOR YOU, we will need to understand your marketing and business goals. Here are a few that we cater for:

  • Build trust and rapport with your audience;
  • Attract new prospects to your marketing system;
  • Solve problems for your prospects;
  • Illustrate benefits or overcome objections;
  • Describe the experience with your product;
  • Attract strategic partners;
  • Strengthen loyalty with existing clients;
  • Develop new business ideas;
  • Build your reputation with search engines.

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