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Getting software development company to page 1 on Google

April9 Digital Consulting is an elite Brisbane-based software development agency specialising in software and app development, solution architecture and systems integration.

In order to reach more customers and stand out from their competitors, April9 contracted Ape-X to perform a site-wide SEO audit. Once we established the key areas where April9 could improve, we benchmarked against the top performing companies in the industry and implemented SEO fixes on every page of April9's website. In addition, we launched the April9 blog which to date generates over 50% of the website's traffic, as well as ensuring there is always fresh content for website search engines to crawl and index, further boosting page ranking. The site now ranks on page 1 of Google results for many of the company's selected keywords.

April9 already had a great website - now, thanks to Ape-X, people actually get to see it. Check it out at www.april9.com.au

April9 Digital Consulting - Content Writing Services Case Study, Ape-X

Services we used on this project:

Website Content | Ape-X

Website Content

Professionally produced video, audio, graphic and written content combined to deliver proven results when it comes to increasing visitor engagement, confidence and sales...

SEO Audit & Action Plan | Ape-X

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Having good on-site SEO is the foundation for ranking well in search. There are many basic things you can change to drastically increase your website's rankability, and a few more advanced ones to really take it to the next level.



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