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Website content for IoT innovator to showcase their solutions

Bitwise Agronomy is an Australian agricultural start-up, offering IoT-based services, gadgets and digital infrastructure to vineyard owners. Through Bitwise Agronomy's solutions, vineyard owners can remotely monitor their crop health, predict frost, and rapidly isolate vine disease before it spreads, leading to higher crop yield, cost savings, and overall increased production.

To showcase their latest range of products and service offerings at an event, Bitwise engaged Ape-X to build a robust new marketing website which would highlight their position as innovators and industry leaders in the agricultural-IoT cross-over arena. After consulting with Bitwise to gain a thorough understanding of their solutions, market positioning and brand goals, Ape-X set about researching and crafting the content which would form the company's new website.

You can see the finished website at www.bitwiseag.com – and see below for some of the project highlights.

Bitwise Agronomy - Content Writing Services Case Study, Ape-X

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Website Content

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