5x leads in 3 months with Google Ads


The difference a professionally managed campaign can make

The client:

This client, a Queensland-based funeral home & cremation business, had been running Google Ads on “autopilot” for 5+ years. As a family-run business they lacked anyone in-house with the time or expertise to make their ads perform at their top potential – they approached us to help them get more out of their monthly ad spend.

Our approach:

We started by performing a detailed Google Ads Account Audit. Google Ads is a highly data-driven platform – the good news in this case was that there was a ton of campaign history for us to analyse. The bad news was that almost every aspect of the client’s account was sub-optimally configured, which was leading to:

  • Ad spend being wasted on irrelevant, broad-match searches
  • Campaign structure making it very hard to attribute success metrics
  • Extremely expensive conversions from targeting competitor brand names
  • Low conversion rates due to a general lack of Ad Extensions being used, and a suboptimal website experience
  • 10% of the budget being wasted each month because ads had been misconfigured to show up in two locations in the USA!


Once we’d put together a solid keyword list (and negative keyword list), we re-structured the account into Brand, Competitor, and Non-Brand ad groups so we could segment our data analysis and make more accurate decisions on how to adjust our strategy as the campaign evolved. 

During the setup phase, we also set up a brand new landing page for the campaign, tailored to match the client’s brand but without many of the user experience (UX) issues present on their existing website, and optimised for conversion. 

Lastly, we made sure that conversion tracking using Google Tag Manager was correctly set up so that we could accurately monitor how the campaign was performing, and created a high-level reporting dashboard (example) where the client could track the results.

The results:

In the first weeks of the campaign, the client was a bit worried because the number of Clicks and Impressions declined sharply. However, this was by design – previously their ads had been showing up for many irrelevant searches and we had aggressively pruned these with a robust negative keywords list to prevent wasting our precious ad spend on unwanted clicks.

From there, here’s how the campaign progressed:

As you can see from the graph above, when you implement a combination of best practices you can DRASTICALLY improve your ads’ performance and efficiency. Even just benchmarking the first month of our managed campaign against the most recent (Feb vs May), we were able to:

  • 5x the number of leads
  • Reduce the cost per lead by 77%

This campaign is ongoing at the time of writing, and as you can see from the graph, we’re able to continue improving the performance month-on-month through our active campaign management. The client is on track to have their busiest quarter in several years.

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