147% increase in organic traffic in 6 months


About the business

The client is a national supplier of agriculture & construction equipment, with a well-established brand and existing operational infrastructure. Their website, however, lacked some basic optimisations, causing them to struggle to rank in the top 5 positions for some of their most important keywords.

The Challenge

Key issues we identified needing to be fixed:

  • Thin content on most important category pages
  • Multiple (or missing) H1s on many pages
  • General lack of internal linking causing crawl issues and competing pages, especially on such a large site as our client’s
  • Important keywords not properly mapped or targeted by relevant pages
  • Lack of supporting content to reinforce subject matter expertise and capture long-tail search queries
  • Overall website authority and page-level authority lacking compared to biggest competitors

Our Approach

We executed the following actions to remedy the issues on the client’s site:

  • Keyword research to identify most commercially valuable (bottom-of-funnel) search terms
  • Mapped keywords against most relevant pages; created/updated page templates as necessary to house additional content
  • Produced SEO-optimised content
  • Created internal links to and from all key pages
  • Built high-authority backlinks to our key pages

The Results

With it now being clearer for Google what the pages were about, and which one should rank for which keyword, the website performance spiked:

  • 72% increase in search impressions (indicating the content we added to the site is positively affecting search)
  • Average position increase from 30.46 to 6.7 across 40 keywords
  • 147% increase in organic traffic compared to previous year


Also, check out their organic traffic for the same period compared to the previous year:

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